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Cue Man Billard Products :: Accessories : Point Blanks :: Makers of the Precise Cue Smith Cue Lathes and Inlay Machine, billiard supplies, and accessories


These are made from high quality exotic woods spliced into maple and the points are very close to even. They are approximately 30" long and tapered down to where you can put the finish passes on them pretty fast. Don't confuse these with a bar butt that has been chopped off. These are spliced up this length to assure point alignment. The Rosewood and the Bocote handle/points into Maple has made some of the best playing cues. It balances out unbelievably well and rarely needs a weight bolt. The Ebony into Maple butts and the Coco-Bolo into Maple tend to make heavier cues.

Bocote into Maple........................$60

Purple Heart into Maple.............$60

Rosewood into Maple..................$60

Shedua into Maple......................$60

Coco-Bolo into Maple.................$70

Black Ebony into Maple..............$125

Others available!

SPECIAL: Buy any 3 and take $5 off each butt.


We now have the butterfly butts glued up and turned round.
Each butt has three colors of veneers in them. They are turned to 1.375" and are 30" long. These butts have about 20 layers of colored veneers glued up under tons of pressure and the layers alternate the three different colors all the way through the piece, so you have thin 1/16" stripes on two sides and nice butterfly points on the other two sides of the cue.
The current in stock colors are:
#1 Blue, gray and red.
#2 Gray, olive and red.
#3 Brown, gray and olive.
All look very nice as they are subdued earth tones and are nice straight grain high quality butt blanks.
They look great with or without a wrap and make a great alternative to traditional butts and Sneaky Petes.
We now sell each color in 1" dowels to make a matching shaft for the cue also. You can taper these down much faster than normal wood and they are more stable than normal cues.

Your choice in butt colors .......... $40 each       

Your choice in shaft colors ..........$30 each


One of each of the three in stock colored butts for .............. $100.

ADD all three matching colored 1" shaft dowels for ............ $75.


#1 Ebony with 8 Genuine Bone Ivory diamonds.

#2 Ebony with 8 Bone Ivory Moroccan windows.

#3 Ebony with 4 Bone Ivory fancy shapes and 4 curved diamonds.

#4 Ebony with 8 Bone Ivory windows and 8 small diamonds.

The inlay pockets are cut with a 1/32" bit so they don't have large radiuses.

Only $85 each

SPECIAL: Buy any 4 and take $5 off each sleeve.

We will inlay the above designs into the bottom of our full splice blanks for $75 also!

You can get the sleeves inlaid with either Bone Ivory or Manufactured Turquoise.

You also have your choice of Ebony, Cocobolo or Bocote wood sleeves.

See below for several samples of different combinations.


Six CNC inlaid butt sleeves. See Below:

#1 Black sleeve with 8 imitation ivory diamonds.

#2 Imitation ivory sleeve with 8 black diamonds

#3 Black sleeve with 4imitation ivory ovals and 4 diamonds

#4 Imitation ivory sleeve with 3 black ovals and 3 diamonds

#5 Black sleeve with 6 imitation ivory fancy shapes

#6 Imitation ivory sleeve with 6 black fancy shapes

All 6 butt sleeves have a butt plate glued on and bored to 7/8" which makes them

very easy to install. The sleeves and inlay material is similar to PVC or ABS.

Your choice $20 each.

SPECIAL: Take one of each for only $15 each. (Total $90 per set)



Dyed Colored Veneers.

#1 Brilliant Red

#2 Royal Blue

#3 Light Green

#4 Black

#5 Burnt Orange

#6 Deep Purple

All veneers are cut approximately 1/32" thick.

The sheets are approximately 5.5" wide and 10.5" long.

NOTE: You can get about four 1.25" point strips out of each.

Your choice $4 each.

SPECIAL: Take one of each for $3 each. (Total $18 per set)



5/16-14 Stainless Steel Joint Pins  $4 each,  5 for $17, 10 for $30

5/16-18 Stainless Steel Joint Pins  $4 each,  5 for $17, 10 for $30

3/8-10   Stainless Steel Joint Pins  $4 each,  5 for $17, 10 for $30

Stainless Steel Joint Protector Pins  $3 each.

5/16-14 Brass Inserts  $2 each  or 5 for $8,  10 for $15

5/16-18 Brass Inserts  $2 each  or 5 for $8   10 for $15

PHENOLIC INSERTS   $6 each,  5 for $25,  10 for $40

1.25" long, .510" outside diameter alignment shoulder with 1/2" of 1/2 x 20 thread and

.230" inside diameter. This allows you to bore and tap any 5/16" or 3/8" thread

*Use our Miniature Boring Bar to install phenolic insert and the Joint Pin Screws below.*


Has flat minor diameter for precise locating of shaft.

(Stainless Steel, Aluminum or Brass)  $10 each,  5 for $48, 10 for $90

Black G-10 Epoxy $12 each, 5 for $55,  10 for $100

Titanium $20 each,  5 for $95,  10 for $18

Stainless Steel Joint Protector Pins  $5 each.

Installs with normal 3/8-10 tap.

*3/8-11 available on special order*


(Stainless Steel, Aluminum or Brass)  $10 each,  5 for $48, 10 for $90

Black G-10 Epoxy $12 each, 5 for $55,  10 for $100

Titanium $20 each,  5 for $95,  10 for $180

Stainless Steel Joint Protector Pins  $5 each.

Installs with Atlas Billiards Supplies tap # QRADTAP.

*Radius/ball thread pins are not made by Uni-Loc.*

   Inserts       14       18        10    Stainless  Aluminum  Brass  Titanium   G-10


Black Bumpers $2 each or 10 for $15

Brown Bumpers $3 each or 10 for $25


Joint Ring Size   .937" OD X .625" ID    OUT OF STOCK

Wrap Joint Size  1.125" OD X .750" ID  $15 per foot

Butt Plate Size   1.312" OD X .750" ID   OUT OF STOCK


PEARL RODS 1-3/8" x 6" long  $15 each

Red,  Light Blue,  Dark Blue,  White,  Grey,  Green,  Purple and Copper.


our WOOD SHOP, LEATHER WRAPS and SPECIALS links for more cue parts.

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