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Cue Man Billard Products :: Cue Lathes :: Makers of the Precise Cue Smith Cue Lathes and Inlay Machine, billiard supplies, and accessories
Cue Smith Cue Lathes
Deluxe Cue Smith™
The Cue Builders Lathe!!!
Mid-Size Cue Smith
with Sliding Headstock!
     The Deluxe Cue Smith is probably the best cue lathe ever made in its weight and price range. It is about a foot wide and and six feet long and weighs a little over 100 pounds. It has the same precision dove tail bed as the other Cue Smith Lathes. But from there up the Deluxe is heavier made. Instead.... - more on this cue lathe ->      This lathe is only slightly less portable than the MICRO CUE SMITH and weighs in at about 40 pounds and is only 48 inches long. There are no Bed Extensions to hassle with even when doing house cues. It does Tips, Ferrules, Shaft Reconditioning, Joint Work, House Cues, Wraps and could .... - more on this cue lathe ->
Micro Cue Smith II™
Micro Cue Smith III
     This is the original in highly portable lathes. It uses the same high quality parts as the full size Cue Smith, yet it is only 36" long and weighs less than 40 pounds. You can add a Bed Extension, Wrap Motor, and Joint Work Steady Rest. You can use the Bed Extension out front for cleaning shafts, ... - more on this cue lathe ->

This is our most portable Lathe. It uses the same headstock, chucks, tailstock, and cross-slide as our Full Size Cue Smith lathes. The bed extension can be used on either end of the lathe and can be locked into the oak base for portability and storage. It is very compact, weighs under 25 pounds and ... - more on this cue lathe ->

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