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Cue Man Billard Products :: Inlay Machine :: Makers of the Precise Cue Smith Cue Lathes and Inlay Machine, billiard supplies, and accessories
Cue Smith Inlay Machine

The machine for the craftsman who wants to build fancier cues!
inlay machine
Above: Self-Contained Inlay Machine

     Some have asked, "What is the CUE SMITH INLAY MACHINE and how does it work?" In technical terms it is a Three Axis Linear Motion Manual Pantomill with .001" micro adjustments. It has the ability to cut out the part from your inlay material (Ivory, Abalone, Wood, Silver, Gold, Mother-of Pearl, Plastic, etc...) then cut the pocket out of the cue to accept the part.  You can also make patterns with this machine.
      The normal procedure for this is to use either the male or female template to cut the parts out using the .055" bit while adjusting the size of the part by the size of the stylus used. Then you chuck up the cue in the machine using the indexing head and use the .055" cutting bit and mill (hog) out the middle of a row of pockets in the cue, then you decrease the size of the stylus and the size of the bit to the .035" and clean up the edge of the pockets until the parts fit perfectly. Now you are ready to glue the parts into the cue. Once dry you turn down the inlays flush with the cue on your lathe.
      The ADVANCED CUE BUILDING VIDEO-Points and Inlays! shows in more detail how this is done. The video is free with Inlay Machine or Inlay Attachment for your Cue Smith Lathe. If you want to see it in action you can buy the video for $50 plus shipping. If you decide to buy the Inlay Machine you get the $50 off on the machine.  The video also shows how to make standard V-groove points on your lathe.  It has a variable speed Multi-Pro cutting head (5,000 to 35,000 RPMs). It comes with a Master set of patterns that cut four diamonds, a oval and a floating point, 10 of the .035" and 5 of the .055" Carbide Cutting Bits, Milling Table, Several Styluses, Offsetting Dead Center (levels tapered cue under cutter), Indexing Head, Tailstock and more.  It has ultra smooth and easy movement!  All the cues below were inlaid with the Cue Smith Inlay Machine and completely assembled on the Deluxe Cue Smith Lathe!

inlay machine

The Self-Contained Unit is priced at
As an Attachment for the Cue Smith Lathe it is only

Extra .055" or .035" carbide cutting bits are                                      5 for $20 or 10 for $35

Blank Stainless steel styluses        $4 each  (you can cut them to the size you need)

60 Degree Carbide male pattern cutting bit (Additional patterns can be purchased, but you can also make patterns yourself.)
3/4" 90 Degree Horizontal Point cutting carbide bit for lathe router(1/4" shank)

5/8" 90 Degree Vertical Side Point cutting carbide bit for lathe router (1/4" shank)

One Inch " 90 Degree Vertical Side Point cutting carbide bit for lathe router (1/4" shank)

Works great with our Cue Smith Multi-Position Router Bracket




1" 90 Degree Vertical Side Point cutting carbide bit for milling machine (1/2" shank)




Cues done on inlay machine
inlay machine 3

CUE SMITH Inlay Patterns

All Patterns are made of brass and most are slightly larger than drawings!

Pattern #1- Standard has four diamonds and an oval. Cost $100 (Comes with Inlay Machine)

Pattern #2- Standard has floating point and point cap. Cost $100 (Comes with Inlay Machine)

Pattern #3- Star, short floating point with matching rectangle, diamond and unique key hole. Cost $100

Pattern #4- Three piece point with matching three piece butt.
You gain five smaller shapes plus a longer one. Cost $100

Pattern #5- Medieval shield shaped butt with elongated matching point. Cost $100

Pattern #6 Cost $100

Pattern #7 Cost $100

Pattern #8 Cost $100

Pattern #9 Cost $100

Pattern #10 Cost $100

Pattern #11 Cost $100

Pattern #12 Cost $100

This is a lettering pattern that has the Alphabet in 1/4" letters as well as numbers and more.

This pattern requires a special stylus and a indexing pin system to align each letter beside

the other letter. The stylus and indexing pin system cost $25 extra.

Pattern #13 Cost $100

Pattern 13 is a card and dice pattern. You can make any dice number with the nine hole dice pattern.

The pocket side of the pattern has the dice pattern set into the cue both square and with corner side up

like a diamond. This pattern uses the .035" bit and around a .040" stylus to cut out the parts and pockets.

Pattern #14 Cost $100

Pattern 14 is a few different sizes of old school notched diamonds.

This pattern uses the .035" bit and around a .040" stylus to cut out the parts and pockets.

Pattern #15 Cost $100

Pattern 15 has a few different sizes of propellers.

This pattern uses the .035" bit and around a .040" stylus to cut out the parts and pockets.

As you can see the possibilities for different combinations in cues are almost endless with the above pattern sets.

SPECIAL...Buy four patterns and get the fifth one free!!!!!!!!!!!!


Small shapes start at $75 and Points start at $150 each.

LOGOS Start at $100.


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