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Cue Man Billard Products :: Specials :: Makers of the Precise Cue Smith Cue Lathes and Inlay Machine, billiard supplies, and accessories

Internet Special #1

**Jump Start 7 pack special!**

1- Bocote 30 x 1.375 butt dowel

1- Cocobolo 30 x 1.375 butt dowel

1- Ziricote 28+ partially tapered butt

1- Bocote 18 x 1.375 dowel

1- Cocobolo 18 x 1.375 dowel

1- Ebony forearm 18 x 1.200 doweled

1- Ebony butt sleeve 3.75 x 1.375 dowel

1- Medium Rosewood 18 x 1.375 dowel

4- Maple Handles 18 x 1.375 dowels

ONLY $175 (save $36)

Add 7 #1 mix shaft dowels for $75 more =$250 (Save $45)

This is all the wood needed for 7 complete cues!

**All this exotic wood came from closed cue factories and the wood

has been in it's present state for several years. You can't ask for

more stable wood to give you a Jump Start building your cues.**
Makes a great starter kit for the beginning cue maker or a great addition to the

inventory of any cue shop! There is no limit on how many you can buy, so stock up!

This wood is all carefully kiln dried.
No Substitutions!
The above pieces can be purchased individually on our Wood Shop page.

Internet Special #2

Complete Tapered Cue Kit:

1- Ziricote 28+ completely tapered butt

1- #1.5 Final sanding size shaft blank

1- Butt plate

2- Joint Rings

1- 5/16-18 Joint pin and shaft insert or

1- 3/8-10 Joint pin.

1- Ferrule

1- Le-ProTip

1- Rubber Bumper

ONLY $95

For assembly instructions we suggest the

Basic Cue Building and Repair DVD $50

Only requires minor machining, drilling and tapping.

Perfect for those who have a lathe that does not have

tapering capabilities.
No Substitutions!

Internet Special #3
Buy 5 inlay slabs of one type and the 6th one is free. Includes all wood, natural and manufactured materials!
*Does not include Snakewood or Camel bone!*


Internet Special #4

Purchase the Deluxe Cue Smith Cue Builders Special for $2995 or $3295 and the Self Contained Inlay Machine for $1795 and get any one extra Inlay Pattern for free.

A $100 Savings.


Internet Special #5

Complete Black Buffalo Horn Kit!


1-Buffalo Butt Plate

1-Buffalo Joint

2-Buffalo Ferrules

Only $50

add one 3/16" X 2" X 8" Buffalo slab for $10

Total $60   Special #5-B



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