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About Cue Man Billiard Products

Cue Man Billiards was established in 1988 by Chris Hightower in Woodstock, Georgia. Chris had played pool from his childhood and also played regularly in amateur tournaments. This led into him starting a Cue sales and repair business. This is how he picked up the nickname “Cue Man”.

In 1988 Chris also started modifying wood lathes into cue repair lathes and thus founded Cue Man Billiards. He set up at most of the pro tournaments in the Atlanta area repairing and selling cues. Then he started building cues also.

In 1989 he opened a pool room also called “Cue Man Billiards.” In 1991 he used his cue building knowledge to develop the Cue Smith Lathe and that is when the business really started growing. He found out the draw backs of building cues on wood and metal lathes and tried to eliminate the problems caused by using those. For example he made the Cue Smith bed extend to the left of the headstock to eliminate the hassles wood and metal lathes have holding the cue steady and perfectly in line. He also used a dovetail bed instead of flat ways or rods, so all his special attachments will snap on and off easily and accurately.

He has sold many hundreds of the Cue Smith Lathes and Inlay Machines since then.

He sold the pool room in early 1994 after moving to Buffalo, Missouri where he started building lathes and cues full time. He moved his family and shop in 1999 to Goodson, Missouri which is near Buffalo and next to the Church Chris ministered at part time.

In late 2002 he moved the family and business back to Georgia. But this time they moved out to the rural community of Aragon, Georgia.

Today Cue Man Billiard Products is still a family business and manufactures the Cue Smith Lathes and Inlay Machines and Hightower Custom Cues. We also sell shaft blanks and butt wood as well as inlay materials and a ton of accessories to help build and repair cues. We do hope to be able to serve your needs!

To all of you,

Chris Hightower