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  1. Tuxedo Black and White

    Calf skin leather wrap with Tuxedo Black and White embossing Learn More
  2. Smooth Tiger Stripe

    Leather wrap smooth brown and tan tiger stripe Learn More
  3. Caiman Dark Blue

    Leather wrap with dark blue Caiman dimple embossing. Learn More
  4. A Leather Wrap Template Adjustable Length

    Leather Wrap Template for cutting the proper radius on the ends of the leather wrap when cutting it to length. It expands so you can just set it in your wrap groove and extend it to the ends for exact length cutting. Learn More
  5. A Leather Wrap Fixture
    Starting at $195.00

    Cue Smith Leather Wrap Fixture
    For Cue Smith Lathes


    • Mounted Seaming guide
    • Wrap length and end radius template
    • 5 mixed leather wraps (our choice)
    • Length measuring sliding ruler
    • Foam glue applicators and razor blades
    • Instruction DVD

    The Cue Smith Leather Wrap Fixture is designed to work only on the Cue Smith Lathes with indexing headstocks.

    The Cue Smith Leather Wrap Fixture makes leather installation a breeze with a little practice.

    Our Deluxe Wrap Fixture comes with the Adjustable Length Leather Template instead of Standard Template and Ruler! Learn More
  6. Textured Red

    Leather wrap textured red. This leather has a very slight texture. It is almost smooth and has a gloss finish. Learn More
  7. Python Black and White

    Leather wrap with black and white python embossing. Learn More
  8. leather wrap brown white gator

    Leather wrap with brown white gator embossing. Learn More

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8 Item(s)