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  1. Tool Bits Square not ground

    Extra 1/4" tool bits.

    • Square not ground
    • This bit is not ground so you can sharpen to make custom grooving bits etc.. Learn More
  2. Tool Bits Cut Off

    Extra 1/4" tool bits .

    • Cut Off Tool Bit
    • This bit is used for parting off material like rings and ferrule material. Learn More
  3. Tool Bits Boring Bar

    Extra 1/4" tool bits.

    • Boring Bar tool bit
    • For boring inside diameter holes from 1/2" and larger Learn More
  4. Tool Bits Round Nose

    Extra 1/4" tool bits.

    • Round Nose Tool Bit
    • For turning smoother cuts on ferrules and rings in both directions. Learn More
  5. Right and Left Hand Bits

    Extra 1/4" tool bits.

    • Standard Right or Left Hand
    • This bit is ground so it can be used as a right hand or left hand bit. A right hand bit is used for facing and cutting tenons and cuts from right to left. A left hand bit cuts from left to right. Learn More
  6. Tool Bits Set of 6

    Extra 1/4" tool bits.(One of each)

    • Standard Right or Left Hand
    • Round Nose Tool Bit
    • Boring Bar Tool Bit
    • Cut Off Tool Bit
    • Square Nose Tool Bit
    Learn More
  7. Toolpost - Two-Way Toolpost Tall

    Extra Two-Way Toolpost (Tall) Learn More
  8. Jeweler's Saw and 1/4" Arbor
    Starting at $35.00

    Jewelers Saw and 1/4" arbor for parting off joint rings with router. Learn More
  9. A Tip Shaping Guide & Blade Rest

    This is a shaping guide for those who prefer to use the utility blade to hand shape the tip.

    It has 3 radius guides on the rest. Nickel, Penny and Dime size radiuses.

    This takes the guess work out of it and mounts on one side of your tool post.

    Learn More
  10. Thread Milling Attachment
    Starting at $450.00

    It has the ability to mill inside and outside threads with the included Dremel Tool and bits. You can make clean threads for carom cues or thread on your, butt plates, joints and ferrules. You can even thread the forearm and handle together without having to tap the threads.

    Includes Dremel tool, two carbide thread mill bits, and your choice of one thread gear/ belt set: $575 on Deluxe package #1 and $450 on Deluxe package #2 with leadscrew powerfeed.

    Thread choices: 8, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20 threads per inch.

    Extra additional thread gear/belt combinations $65 each.

    Extra Thread Milling carbide bits are (1/8" shank one internal and one exteral threading bits) $50 each.

    Learn More
  11. Toolpost - Four-Way Toolpost

    Extra Four-Way Toolpost holds four different toolbits. Learn More
  12. Toolpost - Two-Way Toolpost Regular

    Extra Two-Way Toolpost Learn More
  13. Dremel Mount for Cue Smith Tool Post

    Dremel Mount for Cue Smith Tool Post (3/4-12 mount) Learn More
  14. Boring Bar - 6" Carbide Tip Square Shank

    6" Carbide tip boring bar (with square shank to fit normal toolpost) for boring out butt sleeves. Learn More
  15. Toolpost - Boring Bar Holder for Quick Change TP 3/8"

    Toolpost for above boring bar: Quick Change Holder. Learn More
  16. Toolpost - Tool Holders for Quick Change Toolpost

    Extra tool holders for Quick Change Toolpost. Extra tool holders $25 each or 5 for $20 each. Learn More
  17. Toolpost - Quick Change Toolpost System
    Starting at $135.00

    Quick Change Toolpost with 4 tool holders (Two square tool holders, one cut off blade holder and one 3/8" boring bar holder). Learn More

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