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  1. Bed Extension
    Starting at $125.00

    Bed extension for any Cue Smith Lathe, will snap on and off either end of the lathe. Use with house steady rest for doing one piece cues! Learn More
  2. Lathe Pins
    Starting at $12.00

    Lathe pins for turning shafts (5/16-18, 5/16-14, 3/8-10, Cue Tech/ Scorpion style & Radius/ Ball Screw). Learn More
  3. Lathe Pin - Universal Shaft Driver

    Universal Shaft Driver (Stainless lathe pin with pointed rubber driver for spinning non standard thread shafts). Learn More
  4. Lathe Inserts
    Starting at $12.00

    Lathe inserts for turning butts (5/16-18, 5/16-14, 3/8-10 & Radius/ Ball Screw) Learn More
  5. Chuck - Drill Chuck 1/2 Inch 3/8-24-tpi

    1/2" (Inch) drill chuck with 3/8-24-tpi. Replacement chuck for all Cue Smith lathes. Learn More
  6. Chuck - Rear Chuck for Metal Lathe

    Rear chuck for metal lathe, with micro screw adjusting back plate. This chuck is the same 1.4" bore self centering 3 jaw chuck we use on our Deluxe Cue Smith, but it has a special back plate with adjustable centering screws for easy accurate rear spindle mounting on many metal lathes and some cue lathes without additional machining needed. Learn More
  7. Cross Slide - Compound  for Cue Smith Lathe

    Compound Cross-Slide for Cue Smith Lathe
    Rotates 360 degrees for cutting short angles.
    Includes cutting bit. Learn More
  8. Belts For Cue Smith Lathes
    Starting at $3.00

    Cue Smith Lathe Belts Learn More
  9. Cross Slide For Wood Lathe

    Carriage/Cross Slide For Wood Lathe Learn More
  10. Steady Rest for Metal Lathe

    Mounted just on the bearing so you can mount it in your metal lathe steady rest or on your wood lathe. Learn More
  11. A Leather Wrap Fixture
    Starting at $195.00

    Out of stock

    Cue Smith Leather Wrap Fixture
    For Cue Smith Lathes


    • Mounted Seaming guide
    • Wrap length and end radius template
    • 5 mixed leather wraps (our choice)
    • Length measuring sliding ruler
    • Foam glue applicators and razor blades
    • Instruction DVD

    The Cue Smith Leather Wrap Fixture is designed to work only on the Cue Smith Lathes with indexing headstocks.

    The Cue Smith Leather Wrap Fixture makes leather installation a breeze with a little practice.

    Our Deluxe Wrap Fixture comes with the Adjustable Length Leather Template instead of Standard Template and Ruler! Learn More
  12. Cue Shaft Cleaner
    Starting at $8.00

    Made to use on your lathe to clean the chalk and dirt out of the shaft. Learn More
  13. Gear Motor For Finishing

    This is a variable speed slow rotating gear motor to hook up to your Cue Smith lathe to apply finish like the Cue Cote or other finishes that need to the cue to slow rotate while curing. Learn More
  14. Router with Vertical Mounting Bracket

    Router with Standard Vertical Mounting Bracket. Also includes spur driver and 3/4" router bit. Will work in vertical position on our Deluxe Cue Smith Lathe and on smaller lathes. Learn More
  15. Router with Deluxe Multi-Position Bracket

    Router with Deluxe Multi-Position Mounting Bracket. Also includes spur driver and 3/4" router bit. Will work in vertical, horizontal and angled positions on our Deluxe Cue Smith Lathe. Works in Vertical position on smaller lathes. Learn More

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