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  1. A Tip Shaping Guide & Blade Rest

    This is a shaping guide for those who prefer to use the utility blade to hand shape the tip.

    It has 3 radius guides on the rest. Nickel, Penny and Dime size radiuses.

    This takes the guess work out of it and mounts on one side of your tool post.

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  2. Boring Bar - 6" Carbide Tip Square Shank

    6" Carbide tip boring bar (with square shank to fit normal toolpost) for boring out butt sleeves. Learn More
  3. Boring Bar - 6" Carbide Tip 3/8" Round Shank

    6" Carbide Tip Boring Bar (with 3/8" round shank) for boring out butt sleeves: Learn More
  4. The Cue Building Book: From Tree, To Tip, To Trade Show! Fifth Edition.
    Starting at $75.00

    By: Chris Hightower

    This is the most extensive book on cue building written to date. As the title suggests, it takes you through the complete cue building process from the sawmill, to the finished cue, to marketing your cues. It covers many things that the videos don’t. However, it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. It covers doing work on wood lathes, metal lathes, and of course, cue lathes. It shows the table saw tapering machine, how to build your own spray booth, kiln, wood stabilizer dipping tank, collets, linen presses, inlay patterns and much more. It shows how to put on the finish with and without spraying, Irish linen and leather wraps, V-groove and butterfly points, inlays and much more.

    There is an "Advice from the Masters" chapter that gives advice to beginners from some of America’s most well known cue makers who have been building cues for decades. There is also a brief history on cue building in the USA. There is a suppliers list showing where to buy almost everything you need to build cues from shaft wood, to exotic woods and veneers, cue parts, manual and CNC machinery and small tooling. The book has nearly two hundred drawings, showing how to do the various operations and how to make the special jigs.

    It is a wealth of information contained in a format that is easy to read and refer back to. There is a section for your own notes in the back. Every beginner to intermediate cue maker should have this book and the advanced cue maker might still pick up some little tricks.

    Over 260 pages! FIFTH EDITION!

    The Cue Building Book and Any Two DVDs Only $150 Save $25 OR
    The Cue Building Book and Any Three DVDs Only $195 Save $30 OR
    The Cue Building Book and All Four DVDs Only $240 Save $35

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