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  1. Bed Extension
    Starting at $125.00

    Bed extension for any Cue Smith Lathe, will snap on and off either end of the lathe. Use with house steady rest for doing one piece cues! Learn More
  2. The Cue Building Book: From Tree, To Tip, To Trade Show! Fifth Edition.
    Starting at $75.00

    By: Chris Hightower

    This is the most extensive book on cue building written to date. As the title suggests, it takes you through the complete cue building process from the sawmill, to the finished cue, to marketing your cues. It covers many things that the videos don’t. However, it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. It covers doing work on wood lathes, metal lathes, and of course, cue lathes. It shows the table saw tapering machine, how to build your own spray booth, kiln, wood stabilizer dipping tank, collets, linen presses, inlay patterns and much more. It shows how to put on the finish with and without spraying, Irish linen and leather wraps, V-groove and butterfly points, inlays and much more.

    There is an "Advice from the Masters" chapter that gives advice to beginners from some of America’s most well known cue makers who have been building cues for decades. There is also a brief history on cue building in the USA. There is a suppliers list showing where to buy almost everything you need to build cues from shaft wood, to exotic woods and veneers, cue parts, manual and CNC machinery and small tooling. The book has nearly two hundred drawings, showing how to do the various operations and how to make the special jigs.

    It is a wealth of information contained in a format that is easy to read and refer back to. There is a section for your own notes in the back. Every beginner to intermediate cue maker should have this book and the advanced cue maker might still pick up some little tricks.

    Over 260 pages! FIFTH EDITION!

    The Cue Building Book and Any Two DVDs Only $150 Save $25 OR
    The Cue Building Book and Any Three DVDs Only $195 Save $30 OR
    The Cue Building Book and All Four DVDs Only $240 Save $35

    Learn More
  3. Lathe Pins
    Starting at $12.00

    Lathe pins for turning shafts (5/16-18, 5/16-14, 3/8-10, Cue Tech/ Scorpion style & Radius/ Ball Screw). Learn More
  4. Lathe Pin - Universal Shaft Driver

    Universal Shaft Driver (Stainless lathe pin with pointed rubber driver for spinning non standard thread shafts). Learn More
  5. Lathe Inserts
    Starting at $12.00

    Lathe inserts for turning butts (5/16-18, 5/16-14, 3/8-10 & Radius/ Ball Screw) Learn More
  6. Chuck - Drill Chuck 1/2 Inch 3/8-24-tpi

    1/2" (Inch) drill chuck with 3/8-24-tpi. Replacement chuck for all Cue Smith lathes. Learn More
  7. Chuck - Rear Chuck for Metal Lathe

    Rear chuck for metal lathe, with micro screw adjusting back plate. This chuck is the same 1.4" bore self centering 3 jaw chuck we use on our Deluxe Cue Smith, but it has a special back plate with adjustable centering screws for easy accurate rear spindle mounting on many metal lathes and some cue lathes without additional machining needed. Learn More
  8. Cross Slide - Compound for Cue Smith Lathe

    Compound Cross-Slide for Cue Smith Lathe
    Rotates 360 degrees for cutting short angles.
    Includes cutting bit. Learn More
  9. Belts For Cue Smith Lathes
    Starting at $3.00

    Cue Smith Lathe Belts Learn More
  10. Cross Slide For Wood Lathe

    Carriage/Cross Slide For Wood Lathe Learn More
  11. Steady Rest for Metal Lathe

    Mounted just on the bearing so you can mount it in your metal lathe steady rest or on your wood lathe. Learn More
  12. A Leather Wrap Fixture
    Starting at $195.00

    Out of stock

    Cue Smith Leather Wrap Fixture
    For Cue Smith Lathes


    • Mounted Seaming guide
    • Wrap length and end radius template
    • 5 mixed leather wraps (our choice)
    • Length measuring sliding ruler
    • Foam glue applicators and razor blades
    • Instruction DVD

    The Cue Smith Leather Wrap Fixture is designed to work only on the Cue Smith Lathes with indexing headstocks.

    The Cue Smith Leather Wrap Fixture makes leather installation a breeze with a little practice.

    Our Deluxe Wrap Fixture comes with the Adjustable Length Leather Template instead of Standard Template and Ruler! Learn More
  13. Cue Shaft Cleaner
    Starting at $8.00

    Made to use on your lathe to clean the chalk and dirt out of the shaft. Learn More
  14. Basic Cue Building and Repair DVD

    By: Chris Hightower

    2.5 Hours (DVD or VHS)

    This video covers replacing tips, ferrules, wraps, shaft reconditioning, joint work, turning butts and shafts from scratch with and without taper attachments and more.

    All the work is done on our Cue Smith Lathes.

    This video comes with a $50 credit toward the purchase a Cue Smith Lathe!

    Learn More
  15. Advanced Cue Building DVD Volume 1: Points and Inlays!

    By: Chris Hightower

    Almost 3 Hours (DVD)

    Includes: Inlaying, Pattern Making, Veneers, Re-Cut, Full Splice and Butterfly Points and more.

    The work is done on our Cue Smith Lathe and Inlay Machine.

    This video comes with a $50 credit toward the purchase a Cue Smith Inlay Machine!

    Learn More
  16. Deluxe Cue Smith™ Cue Lathe
    Starting at $2,095.00

    This is the machine for the serious cue maker! This shows the Deluxe Cue Smith headstock with both chucks, the larger handwheel, and larger tailstock. You can use the steady rest behind or in front of the headstock. The headstock has 24 position indexing for cutting points, slots or inlays.

    Deluxe Cue Smith (base price) $2095.00

    The Basic Repair unit includes one chuck on headstock, indexing lathe, offsetting tailstock, variable speed motor, house cue/joint work steady rest with collets, wrap foot control, 3 lathe pins, concaved live center, drill chuck, DVD and two 8 oz Cleaners & a Cue Wax!

    Additional options below included in Cue Building packages one and two:

    Cue Building Package #1 includes 20" long locking metal Storage Cabinet instead of the discontinued wood cabinet $100
    Taper Attachments $595.00
    Vertical Router, Spur Driver and Bit $200.00
    Power Feed (Handwheel replacement type) $195.00
    Rear Chuck $100.00

    Choice of 1/2 HP or 3/4 HP Variable Speed DC Motor included.

    60 Degree Live Center $35.00
    two 8 ounce Shaft Cleaner, Cue Wax
    Extra steady rest $95.00

    Plus boring bar $8, cut off tool $8 and an extra two-way tool post $12)
    Regular Price $3443.00
    Package #1 Special price (Total Savings $148) $3295.00

    Cue Building Package #2 comes with heavier duty leadscrew Power Feed $550, instead of Hand Wheel replacement type and includes all other options in package #1
    Regular price $3798.00
    Package #2 Special price (Total Savings $203) $3595.00
    See our SPECIALS page for more savings and see below for more options.


    Additional Options:

    The above Package One Deluxe without Storage Cabinet $3200

    The above Package Two Deluxe without Storage Cabinet $3500

    Either package comes with your choice of 1/2 HP DC Variable speed motor on sliding headstock or Stationary Headstock with 3/4 HP DC variable speed motor

    The 3/4 HP motor is strong enough for coring, but eliminates the ability to taper one piece cues with your router

    Unless you want to build 1 piece cues we strongly suggest the 3/4HP motor.

    Removable Shaft Bar $50 (Allows you to remove your shaft bar and keep the settings)

    Additional Shaft Bars $150 (Allows you to set up different bars for different tapers)

    Additional Router brackets for multi-position mounting $50

    Additional #2 Morse Taper Tailstock $210

    Thread Milling Attachment for Package 2 $450



    Learn More
  17. Mid Size Cue Smith Lathe with sliding Headstock
    Starting at $1,450.00

    This lathe is only slightly less portable than the MICRO CUE SMITH II and weighs in at just over 40 pounds and is only 48 inches long. There are no Bed Extensions to hassle with even when doing house cues. It does Tips, Ferrules, Shaft Reconditioning, Joint Work, House Cues, Wraps and could build a cue with the right options added.


    Our most popular Repair Lathe!

    Learn More
  18. Micro Cue Smith II™ Cue Lathe

    This is the modern version of the original in highly portable cue lathes. It uses the same high quality parts as the Mid-Size Cue Smith, yet it is only 36" long and the main lathe weighs less than 40 pounds. Learn More
  19. Micro Cue Smith III™ Cue Lathe

    This is our most portable Lathe. It uses the same headstock, chuck, tailstock,and cross-slide as our Mid Size Cue Smith lathe yet is super portable. At only 36" it is very compact, and the basic unit weighs under 30 pounds, so you can take it anywhere to do on the spot cue repairs. This is all the lathe you need for tips and ferrules on two-piece cues, but that is about all it is designed to do with the lightweight motor. Learn More
  20. Cue Finishing and Wrapping Lathe
    Starting at $795.00

    This lathe comes with a powerful 3/4 HP variable speed DC motor. The basic unit comes with 4 foot bed, a three jaw chuck on the headstock and a 1/2” chuck on the tailstock. It is very portable and under 30 pounds and 4 feet long. This is the perfect second function lathe for shop or tournament work. You can do shaft cleaning, reconditioning, sanding or butt sanding and finishing on it with some accessories. The speed range is from about 200 to 2000 rpm. You can add a foot control for wrapping. Learn More
  21. Cue Smith Inlay Machine
    Starting at $1,995.00

    What is the CUE SMITH INLAY MACHINE and how does it work? In technical terms it is a Three Axis Linear Motion Manual Pantomill with .001" micro adjustments. It has the ability to cut out the part from your inlay material (Ivory, Abalone, Wood, Silver, Gold, Mother-of Pearl, Plastic, etc...) then cut the pocket out of the cue to accept the part. You can also make patterns with this machine. Learn More
  22. Walking Cane Lathe

    This lathe is specifically designed to build walking canes. However it could be used for turning other wood projects also. It comes with the larger 1.4" spindle bore headstock with 3/4HP variable speed motor and a steady rest with 1.4" chuck mounted on it just like the headstock has Learn More
  23. Internet Special #2 Complete Tapered Cue Kit

    1- Ziricote 28”+ completely tapered butt
    1- #1.5 Final sanding size shaft blank
    1- Butt plate
    2- Joint Rings
    1- 3/8-10 Joint pin.
    1- Ferrule
    1- Le-ProTip
    1- Rubber Bumper
    ONLY $95

    For assembly instructions we suggest the Basic Cue Building and Repair DVD $50

    Only requires minor machining, drilling and tapping.

    Perfect for those who have a lathe that does not have
    tapering capabilities.

    No Substitutions!

    Learn More
  24. Gear Motor For Finishing

    This is a variable speed slow rotating gear motor to hook up to your Cue Smith lathe to apply finish like the Cue Cote or other finishes that need to the cue to slow rotate while curing. Learn More
  25. Router with Vertical Mounting Bracket

    Router with Standard Vertical Mounting Bracket. Also includes spur driver and 3/4" router bit. Will work in vertical position on our Deluxe Cue Smith Lathe and on smaller lathes. Learn More
  26. Router with Deluxe Multi-Position Bracket

    Router with Deluxe Multi-Position Mounting Bracket. Also includes spur driver and 3/4" router bit. Will work in vertical, horizontal and angled positions on our Deluxe Cue Smith Lathe. Works in Vertical position on smaller lathes. Learn More
  27. Cue Smith Tapering Machine
    Starting at $2,795.00

    This lathe comes with a powerful 3/4 HP variable speed DC motor. The basic unit comes with 4 foot bed, leadscrew power feed, butt and shaft taper bars, ER Collet headstock with dead center / spur driver and a 1/2" drill chuck on the tailstock with 60 degree live center and vertical router as well as an auto stop.. It takes up very little room at 4 feet long. This is the perfect machine to do your butt and shaft tapering to keep your other lathes free for other aspects of cue building. The speed range is fast enough to use for sanding and can be slowed down to a crawl for shaft tapering or finishing cues..The Basic Package one unit internet special is $2795. Package two comes with everything in package one plus removable shaft bar $50, Point Taper Bar $35, one additional shaft bar $150 and a small 60 degree live center for turning shafts $30. Only $2995 Save $65 Learn More

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