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  1. Lathe Pin - Universal Shaft Driver

    Universal Shaft Driver (Stainless lathe pin with pointed rubber driver for spinning non standard thread shafts). Learn More
  2. Live Center - Off-setting for cutting tapers 3/8" shank

    Off-setting live center for cutting tapers or point grooves 3/8" straight shank smaller unit. Learn More
  3. Boring Bar - Miniature Solid Carbide

    Miniature Solid Carbide Boring Bar for installing Uni-Loc, Radial pins and boring out ferrules, etc. Learn More
  4. Micro Cue Smith III™ Cue Lathe

    This is our most portable Lathe. It uses the same headstock, chuck, tailstock,and cross-slide as our Mid Size Cue Smith lathe yet is super portable. At only 36" it is very compact, and the basic unit weighs under 30 pounds, so you can take it anywhere to do on the spot cue repairs. This is all the lathe you need for tips and ferrules on two-piece cues, but that is about all it is designed to do with the lightweight motor. Learn More
  5. Cue Finishing and Wrapping Lathe
    Starting at $795.00

    This lathe comes with a powerful 3/4 HP variable speed DC motor. The basic unit comes with 4 foot bed, a three jaw chuck on the headstock and a 1/2” chuck on the tailstock. It is very portable and under 30 pounds and 4 feet long. This is the perfect second function lathe for shop or tournament work. You can do shaft cleaning, reconditioning, sanding or butt sanding and finishing on it with some accessories. The speed range is from about 200 to 2000 rpm. You can add a foot control for wrapping. Learn More
  6. Inlay Pattern #3 for Cue Smith Inlay Machine

    All Patterns are made of brass and most are slightly larger than drawings!

    Learn More
  7. Radius/Ball Thread 3/8" Joint Pin Screws

    Starting at: $6.00

    Installs with Atlas Billiards Supplies tap # QRADTAP.
    *Radius/ball thread pins are not made by Uni-Loc.*

    Learn More
  8. The Road Bridge

    The Road Bridge is a telescoping portable bridge with a very unique bridge head design that also pivots to any position. It allows you to shoot center, ball as well as top and bottom spin. The tall design also allows you to shoot over multiple balls that normal bridges will not reach. You can rest your hand on it for super jump shots or masse shots. You can also use it for jump shots in the middle of the table. Learn More
  9. Cue Smith Tapering Machine
    Starting at $2,795.00

    This lathe comes with a powerful 3/4 HP variable speed DC motor. The basic unit comes with 4 foot bed, leadscrew power feed, butt and shaft taper bars, ER Collet headstock with dead center / spur driver and a 1/2" drill chuck on the tailstock with 60 degree live center and vertical router as well as an auto stop.. It takes up very little room at 4 feet long. This is the perfect machine to do your butt and shaft tapering to keep your other lathes free for other aspects of cue building. The speed range is fast enough to use for sanding and can be slowed down to a crawl for shaft tapering or finishing cues..The Basic Package one unit internet special is $2795. Package two comes with everything in package one plus removable shaft bar $50, Point Taper Bar $35, one additional shaft bar $150 and a small 60 degree live center for turning shafts $30. Only $2995 Save $65 Learn More

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9 Item(s)