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Deluxe Cue Smith™ Cue Lathe

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Deluxe Cue Smith™ Cue Lathe

Availability: Custom Built to Order

This is the machine for the serious cue maker! This shows the Deluxe Cue Smith headstock with both chucks, the larger handwheel, and larger tailstock. You can use the steady rest behind or in front of the headstock. The headstock has 24 position indexing for cutting points, slots or inlays.

Deluxe Cue Smith (base price) $1995.00

Additional options below included in packages one and two:

Aluminum Storage Cabinet with 25% more storage space than the older wood cabinet $275
Taper Attachments $495.00
Vertical Router, Spur Driver and Bit $200.00
Power Feed (Handwheel replacement type) $175.00
Rear Chuck $100.00

Choice of 1/2 HP or 3/4 HP Variable Speed DC Motor included.

60 Degree Live Center $35.00
Sealer, Cleaner, Wax $26.00
Extra steady rest $95.00

Plus boring bar $8, cut off tool $8 and an extra two-way tool post $12)
Regular Price $3444.00
Package #1 Special price (Total Savings $249) $3195.00

Package #2 comes with heavier duty leadscrew Power Feed and all other options in package #1
Regular price $3769.00
Package #2 Special price (Total Savings $274) $3495.00
See our SPECIALS page for more savings and see below for more options.


Additional Options:

The above Package One Deluxe without Aluminum Storage Cabinet $3045

The above Package Two Deluxe without Aluminum Storage Cabinet $3345

Either package comes with your choice of 1/2 HP DC Variable speed motor on sliding headstock
or Stationary Headstock with 3/4 HP DC variable speed motor

The 3/4 HP motor is strong enough for coring, but eliminates the ability to taper one piece cues with your router

Unless you want to build 1 piece cues we strongly suggest the 3/4HP motor.

Removable Shaft Bar $50 (Allows you to remove your shaft bar and keep the settings)

Additional Shaft Bars $150 (Allows you to set up different bars for different tapers)

Additional Router brackets for multi-position mounting $50

Additional #2 Morse Taper Tailstock $210

Thread Milling Attachment for Package 2 $450



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This is the machine for the serious cue maker!

The Deluxe Cue Smith is probably the best cue lathe ever made in its weight and price range. It is about a foot wide and and six feet long and weighs a little over 100 pounds. It has the same precision dove tail bed as the other Cue Smith Lathes. But from there up the Deluxe is heavier made. Instead of the standard 15mm spindle bore, it has a 1-3/8" plus Spindle bore. It has a triple bearing headstock and uses the larger 2-L belt, which gives it more torque. It has two more inches of swing than the other lathes, and the steady rest has the larger bore also. The collets can be used in the headstock chuck or the steady rest. 

If you order the Taper Attachments up front you get a larger handwheel on your carriage. You also get the internal spring loaded, instant touch of a lever access to your taper bars. This makes stainless joints, butts and shafts much easier to taper. You can also make your shaft taper bar removable for an extra $50 and add additional shaft bars for $150 each.

With the optional heavy duty 3/4 HP DC motor you can core, drill, and tap joints and weight bolts under power. Another option is the rear chuck which makes working on the short sections of the cue much faster since you don't need a collet. Both of the headstock chucks are the same precision speed scroll chucks found on all our lathes, except they have the larger bore. It comes mounted on a oak plyboard and has an optional cabinet with aluminum locking storage box for $275, and includes a Variable Speed DC motor, wrapping foot control, shaft and butt collets, three lathe pins, two cutting bits, 1/2" tailstock chuck, concave live center, sealer, cleaner, wax and two hour DVD.

This shows the Deluxe Cue Smith headstock with both chucks, the larger handwheel, and larger tailstock. You can use the steady rest behind or in front of the headstock. The headstock has 24 position indexing for cutting points, slots or inlays.
This shows the full length view. Use the router as shown with the taper attachments and power feed to cut shafts and butts with much less vibration than with standard tooling. You can also offset the tailstock to cut a taper or point grooves.
This Picture shows the Deluxe Cue Smith cutting in points using the router and power feed.
This picture shows the Deluxe Cue Smith milling wood threads with the Thread Milling Attachment option. It has the ability to mill inside and outside threads with the included Dremel Tool and bits. We can also build this with brackets to fit your router which allows use of heavier duty bits (included). With the router you can make clean threads for carom cues or thread on your, butt plates, joints and ferrules. You can even thread the forearm and handle together without having to tap the threads. This is  $450 option with one thread pitch for package 2 only..
The variable speed sliding headstock option and lead screw power feed.
To the left shows the package 2 Deluxe turning a one piece cue between centers.
#2 Morse Taper Tailstock. Not a replacement for the Speed Lever Tailstock, but a great second tailstock for drilling larger holes. $210 optional.

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still my primary work horse Review by david / (Posted on 10/21/2016)
My passion so far, does not include C.N.C.
Have used the early deluxe model since later 2005. Great hand operated machine. Review by pjchc -alaska- / (Posted on 7/27/2016)

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