Small Cue Building Shop Layout

These Pictures are courtesy of Captain Bob Manzino of Boca Raton, Florida and show his small 12′ by 16′ shop.

Here is his Deluxe Cue Smith with well organized tooling! Notice his linen wrap spool and the fan to keep the dust away!

Current Cue Designs Hanging on wall! Cue Smith Inlay Machine mounted on the Basic Cue Smith. Sander and Grinder for sharpening tools and smoothing wood! Handy Portable Table Saw Under Bench Until Needed.

Handle and Forearm Turning Blanks Sit above Spraying Station with Exhaust! Band Saw for cutting Boards into Turning Squares, Making Inlay Slabs and Many Others Uses! The Vise is for Pressing Inlays into Cues, etc..

Several Exotic Wood Planks Curing and Shaft Wood Hanging to Prevent Warping!Bob has recently expanded his shop and moved to a new location, but he turned out cues that sell for thousands of dollars right there in that small shop on that equipment!