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Hi Chris, hope this msg finds you and your family doing well. Just a note to tell you the lathe I got from you has been the best and most enjoyable piece of equipment I have ever purchased, bar none!! I clean it every time I use it and lubricate it entirely about every 5th or 6th time I use it, which is quite often. It still looks as good as the day your guy loaded it in the car!! Thanks again Chris, you make a mighty fine machine!!! For what I’m using it for, there’s nothing out there that is even in the same millenium, it’s in a class all by itself, which is likely why other cue lathe makers compare their machine to yours, yours is the industry standard, all else falls short!
Extremely satisfied,

 Gene Hartley


Whom It May Concern:

I feel glad and surprising at finding CH custom cues’s HP.
Because I have been useing CH cue,
and my cue is reported in your HP!
My cue is center of picture at the bottom of contents “CH cues”, priced $2,400 and described “sold”.
I got the cue last year at the shop of billiard tools in Japan named “NIHON TAMADAI HONSYA” that means ” Leading shop of Billiard ball and table at Japan”.

CH cue is very controllable.
My main shaft’s tip is exchanged medium Hard of “TAD Tip”.
The compatibility of them is very good!!
And feeling of shot is good too!
I have an firm intention of usind the CH cues from now on.

Now, my CH cue has no trouble.
But I will request repairs, if my CH cue has a trouble in future.

I feel good to finding CH custom cues HP.

Best regards,

from CH cue user at Japan.

Chris Hightowers book on cue building should be the first thing
you buy if you are thinking of making your own cue. There is a vast amount
of information in this book that is not available anywhere else. His two cue
making videos round out the package into a real learning experience. These
are must have items for any new cuemaker.

William Lee

I’ve been using Chris’ Deluxe Cuesmith lathe and the Inlay Machine for quite a few years now. The main reason I purchased from Chris was I felt Chris would stand behind his equipment, he’s done that and much more. Cue construction can be puzzling and frustrating at times, Chris was always available and willing to help.
Chris’ equipment does what he says it will do. It’s accurate and most of all, dependable. If you are going to build cues the inlay machine is a must and Chris’ does the job extremely well.
I purchase much of my wood and inlay products from Chris. The quality has always been good. You can find lesser expensive wood, but not all woods are equal.

Barry Cameron
Cameron Custom Cues

I just sold my first stick. It was a Coco Bolo Sneaky Pete. Sure was a good feeling. It turned out great, as good as any I’ve seen. The Cue Smith makes it easy!

Joe Barr
Mount Airy, NC

My Deluxe Cue Smith lathe is a good lathe. I am not able to compare it to
other known cue lathes because I have not
worked on them. But I do like the Deluxe Cuesmith lathe.
Now for the things I like –
1) dovetail bed is positive and secure.
2) jaws on both side of the lathe are a plus.
3) The book is a good guide and the videos are good as well.
I do recommend investing in the book. I learned time saving and material
saving ways to get things done more quickly and the vendor references in the
back of the book are useful. In short, buy his book.
4)The collets, collars and pins are great.
5) the reverse feature is a great plus.
6) the wrap motor and foot pedal is great.
Others have said that Chris stands behind his product. I am in that camp.
Chris is available on the phone for discussion on how to perform certain
tasks and he will correct any problems that might arise. I would happily
recommend his lathe to the next Balabushka out there.
After buying Chris’ products….
Thomas O’Kane
East Brunswick, NJ

Please keep sending your e-mail specials. The Deluxe Cuesmith that I bought last year has been doing great. My repair business has been steadily increasing. I put flyers in the team packets of our local APA and Players leagues, and for awhile had so much business that I could hardly keep up. I’ll be ordering some add-ons for the lathe soon. Keep up the good work.
Sam S. Noto

As always, you have been putting some excellent products on the market. The long splice butts are great. Points were really nice for that type of butt. Keep up the good work!

I’ve been using a “Deluxe Cue Smith” built by Chris Hightower for over a year. It is an extremely fine lathe for the cue builder. Capable of doing anything you could possibly ask from a cue lathe, it’s strong, but light and very portable. I’ve run it constantly for up to 10 hours at a time without any problems. As a journeyman machinist I appreciate the extreme accuracy of the lathe’s components.

The fast and courteous service from Chris is the best there is.
Also, his friendly and knowledgeable answers to all questions is invaluable. He always has taken the time to talk on the phone to help with any problem. The whole “Cue Man Billiards” experience is second to none.

Dave Sucher
Handcrafted Cues

Am in receipt of your book. I am absolutely delighted with it. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is going to make cues, as it is written in depth and very comprehensive.
Congratulations and best wishes for continued success.

Burt Schrager
Schrager Cues